In recent years, we have seen a global surge in successful sustainability initiatives driving circular economies at corporate, regional, and national levels. Research suggests sustainability could generate over 400 trillion yen in economic impact. To thrive in international competition and boost profitability, swift investment in sustainability strategies is crucial.
We at SPEC Bio Laboratory, Inc. offer tailored corporate training and seminars on sustainability basics for local governments and corporations, drawing from our expertise in Kamikatsu. Additionally, we provide consulting services for the design, installation, and operation of "reRise," our unique sustainable platform facilitating circular economies.


Image:Kamikatsu Town Experience Training Location

Achieving sustainable business requires integrating sustainability into corporate strategy and fostering an understanding of sustainability among employees, encouraging them to actively engage in sustainable practices.

We offer activity-based training programs that empower participants as companies, business people, or individuals to perceive social issues as personally relevant and develop concrete action plans aimed at achieving sustainability. Experiencing the real social issues faced by local communities from the perspectives of both the service provider and the consumer receiving the service will hopefully provide insight into the sustainable society we aspire to.

We will introduce Kamikatsu's 12-year journey from the inception of the WHY Zero Waste Center plan to its current state. This encompasses the progression towards the Zero Waste Declaration, the town's pivotal efforts and challenges, and our accomplishments as a private enterprise. Additionally, we offer opportunities to engage in Kamikatsu's zero waste activities, interact with residents, and partake in lectures on our circular economy platform "reRise."


Image:Corporate Research

For companies unable to attend our activity-based training in Kamikatsu, we provide easy and enjoyable learning experience through online talk sessions. Featuring both domestic and international experts, we aim to cultivate individuals who can proactively address social issues. Additionally, we design and conduct customized seminars as part of employee training programs for municipalities and companies.

Sustainable Platform “reRise”

Image:Sustainable Platform “reRise”

A circular economy redefines waste as a resource, promoting recycling and reuse. Utilizing technology to recycle limited resources is crucial for sustainable economic growth and environmental preservation.
SPEC Bio Laboratory, Inc. has successfully transformed organic waste from beer production into high-efficiency liquid fertilizer using proprietary biotechnology. This organic fertilizer is utilized in Kamikatsu's organic agriculture, aiding waste reduction and boosting the local economy by producing high-value organic products. By leveraging the reRise platform, businesses will be able to align with global SDGs initiatives.

Image:Sustainable Platform “reRise”

We are committed to continuous research and development to enhance the “reRise” platform, focusing on improving fertilizer efficacy and implementing a waste processing traceability management system. Additionally, we offer comprehensive support for the design, installation, and operation of “reRise”, customized to the specific needs of municipalities and companies."

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